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“Welcome to Nevada Help Desk’s First Behind the Screens E-Newsletter!”

Week 1 - Part 2

Our Nevada Help Desk Team is delighted to announce our first weekly e-newsletter!

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While you are subscribed, you will be the first to learn about free tech tips, ongoing training opportunities for small businesses and our investment in the future of technology in Nevada. Please be our royal guest and secure a front row seat with our Royal Tech Team!

So who are we may you ask? 

Nevada’s only gig economy business that recruits, trains and hires high school and college students. Whew! That was a mouthful right? I’m not bragging when I say there is NO one like the Nevada Help Desk. We have multiple certifications and we provide a wide range of digital technology services. We are changing the way people view small business. 

Right now, we are producing our own radio talk show, creating a blog and helping non-profit and businesses enhance their online presence. Our Royal Tech Team does all of this while keeping everyone in the loop on our social media daily. 

Stay tuned for so much more!

You can also get to know our consortium partners-or “Army” as we like to call them on our website. They include the governor’s office, Zappos and the Las Vegas Raiders just to name a few on our list. We want this newsletter to be a valuable resource for you, so please share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve our content. 

In the meantime, check our websites to learn more about Nevada Help Desk. Our dotcom is all about the business side of our company, while the dotorg is for new and interested student recruits. 

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Happy Clicking!

Your Nevada Help Desk Team.