Student Agent Weekly Newsletter

“Web Design versus Web Development”

Week 11


On the topic of web design” and web development, are you aware of the key differences between the two careers? Many might believe the two are the same when in fact the two carry their own perks in the technology field. Both come in hand and hand with one another to fully function. 

A web developer is responsible for building and maintaining websites. They ensure the website looks flawless, performs correctly and gives the user a seamless experience with no issues.

This work occurs behind the scenes or screens!

Cough, cough… pun intended…

By using a variety of coding languages and softwares, web developers create codes that will form a website. Web developers typically work with web designers to initiate a project.

From here they get the site design from web designers and encode it using front-end development technology. This type of technology uses scripting languages that create markup sites to be seen by its users. The back-end development deals with data management and any pertaining requests. The back-end developer now focuses on how the site works and how customers get things done when using certain functions. 

Consider them as the left-brain workers with phenomenal analytical and logical skills. PHP, NET, Python, C, and Ruby are key tools as it increases functionality and interactivity. 

Web designers use this field to improve the site’s appearance and user experience. Such designers maintain the site’s interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design intact. The difference between UI and UX design is, UI Design focuses on the visual elements, meanwhile deals with the navigation and usability.  Designers choose the layout, font, and color scheme to best benefit the website’s visual appeal. 

Designers are considered to be the right-brain workers because of their extensive amount of creativity. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are essential tools as these will help increase the visual impact and user experience. 

Now that you know the difference, which side of your brain is most prominently used by you?

Same as ever! 

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce