Student Agent Weekly Newsletter

“Need Tech Knuckle Support?”

Week 5

Ahoy mate!

You’ve seen our quality work on both our dotorg and dotcom websites. What are you waiting for to hire us? Not sure how to complete a support ticket? Ah, you should have told me sooner! 

Start off by visiting our Nevada Help Desk dotcom website. Are you there yet? Great, now take a peek at the top right hand side. Here you will see a bar with various worded buttons to choose from. Hover your mouse over Support Tickets and right click away! 

Pat yourself on the back if you’ve made it to the Support Center, also known as the Support Ticket System page. 

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a unique support ticket system. While each support request is assigned to a unique ticket number, you also have the availability to track the progress and responses online. 

Now feast your eyes on this my friend. Currently on this page you will be given two options to choose from. One option being to Open a New Ticket and secondly to Check Ticket Status. When opening a new ticket please provide as much detail as possible so we can best assist you! When checking a ticket status, you are able to view archives and history of all your current and past support requests with complete responses. If you need to update a previously submitted ticket, please login into your account. Keep in mind you will need a valid email address to submit a support ticket. 

Have you clicked on Open a New Ticket yet? Please be my guest if you haven’t done so already. While filling out the contact information section, you will need to include your email address, full name, phone number, an extension if applicable and a help topic. If you click help topic, you will be given several options to choose from. Your options will be access issues, consultation requests, feedback, general inquiry and submit a technology work request

Ensure your information is accurate as this will be our form of contact with you!

Nevertheless, while filling out the Ticket Details section follow the lines as follows. Here you will need to provide your business or organization name, city, state, zip code and issue subject. Use this space to describe your request in full details and be sure to describe your desired results. You are also more than welcome to drop files at this moment. 

 The second half includes deadline date for completion, desired budget, preferred support agent, subject that best describes your request, name of person or organization that referred you and preferred mobile number for text notifications of ticket status. Now time for submission, assure information is completely accurate. 

You have made it to the finish line! Please await our agents as they are working hard to complete your request. Our agents are awaiting your support tickets!

Quality service awaits!

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce