Student Agent Weekly Newsletter

“Meet our Student Agents!”

Week 3

Salutations great one!

We meet again. Now, let me ask you this. 

Have you ever wondered who the student agents behind Nevada Help Desk are? I have great news for you as profiles for our students are available on our dotorg website! When visiting our dotorg website, hover your mouse over the NHD Teams clickable icon and click your heart away.

Before clicking away, please choose which team you will like to view first. Have you chosen one yet? That’s phenomenal, now each selection has its own detailed description of who and what kind of teams the students take a part of. 

As you can see, you have three disposed choices. You may view the Student Agents page, A-Team page and the Royal Tech Team page. 

On the Student Agents page, you will find a photograph of our student agents along with a quote describing who they are, what they do as their job and their excitement of working with prospective future clients! 

When viewing the A-Team page, you will be able to see a page full of multicolored photographs with titles of what each member takes care of. Just place your mouse over each box to reveal the inscriptions! 

As you click on the Royal Tech Team, you will be able to view the student agents who have successfully earned their certifications in the fields they will be pursuing as part of the After-School Technology Club.

Each of our student agents also are awe-inspiring team leaders in immeasurable roles. From carrying the responsibility of dealing with Google Ads, Audio Production to Graphic Design, our students are willingful to assist you one support ticket at a time!

As mentioned before, our student agents continue to operate at rapid movement in order to fulfill all of your special requests. 

For full descriptions of our teams, please visit our dotcom website at your leisure. Be on the lookout for future TechTeen Features on our website as well!

Bit by bit!

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce