Student Agent Weekly Newsletter

“How Can Our Certifications/Programs Impact Your Student Life or Business?”

Week 8

Ello’ there!

Let’s kick start off with a little humor here won’t we?

Knock, knock. Who’s there? 

Very long pause…


My humor is on (power)point today isn’t it?

If you didn’t get it, you might want to do some research on Javascript, if you find the chance to do so. A secondary option would be t0 research about our certifications and training opportunities for students and businesses! Become a part of the Royal Tech Team and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Now, there’s a LOT to cover here, so through some sentenced based bullet points, you will see the overview of how the magic at Nevada Help Desk sparks!

  • Nevada Help Desk is an Authorized Testing Center (ATC) for Certification in Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Unity Applications. 
  • Not only do we provide expertise training and certifications, we offer an extended amount of programs for businesses, churches, nonprofits and high school students. 
  • By offering the right balance of academic excellence and real-word skills, students gain confidence and the motivation they need to succeed and in a profitable career!
  • Certifications can help candidates prove their skills to prospective future employers. 
  • Students are trained in all of the following digital marketing technologies such as web development, search engine optimization search engine marketing, social media, campaign marketing, content automation, e-commerce marketing. Cloud Communications and Multimedia training is offered to High School and college students.
  • We offer an after school tech program where the work based learning turns into jobs and freelance opportunities for High School and College students supporting businesses of all sizes. 
  • Nevada Help Desk aims to educate on how technology can empower and position non-profit organizations and churches for impact and growth. 


Whew! Now, this is only a TINY example of how Nevada Help Desk helps their community! For more information, visit our Training Page on our Nevada Help Desk dotcom website.

Laters buddy!

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce