Student Agent Weekly Newsletter

“Dotcom versus Dotorg”

Week 6

Hello there buddy!

Have you visited any of our dotcom and dotorg websites yet? Was that a yes or a no? If you haven’t don’t worry, you’ve only been missing 0ut on our work for satisfied customers! Below, I will compile a few phrases of what each website contains for you with brief bullet points.

*Psst, without spoiling too much that is.*


  • View the business side of the company!
  • Need pricing or planning to hire us? Definitely pay us a visit.
  • Delve into our core values, core services and products.
  • Begin, view and update a Support Ticket
  • Check out our memorable photos and events!


  • View student profiles!
  • Meet our wonderful teams and consortium partners!
  • Schedules interviews, proctored exams and free based exams!
  • Behold students’ work such as podcasts from our radio show, past e-newsletter, feature stories and so much more!
  • Apply and become a part of our royal tech team family!

Each website has a piece of eye candy for everyone. Are you a business? Great! View our dotcom website for countless services! Are you a student? Awesome! View our dotorg website for endless opportunities. Direct yourself as needed. 

Just an FYI, you can visit any website for future reference! 

As a business who wants to view student work, you may want to scroll through our dotorg website. As a student looking for a career in digital technology, you can reap the benefits of viewing the dotcom website. Other businesses can help you gain the knowledge you may one day need for your own business. 

Which is your favorite website? What did you learn? As a business are you ready to hire us? Or as a student are you interested in this type of field? 

Keep in mind, the opportunity is open to all ages and interests! Keeping scrolling as your technological adventure is closer than you think.

See you later alligator! 

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce