Student Agent Weekly Newsletter

“Cue the Core Values!”

Week 2

Greetings my friend! 

Quintessentially, developing a healthy hearty environment in your workspace requires a solid foundation which includes shaping the organizational culture, inspiring people to take action, personal involvement, communication, contribution to overall success of the company and last but not least, core values.

What are core values you may ask? Or shall you ask what are Nevada Help Desk’s core values? I’ll get to that in just a second. 

First, close your eyes while imaging an apple. Now, the outside of the apple can be any color your heart desires. For now, loose focus on the exterior and focus on the interior of the apple. The core of the apple is where the quote on quote company’s values are to be found in. Without the seeds and the core, the middle would be hollow. Give or take, a hollow company would have employees who do not maintain the foundation mentioned above. 

Did you get it? 

The seamless blend between integrity, ethics, honesty, keeping commitments, accountability, responsibility, humility, persistence, self-control, timeliness and kindness are all the sturdy bases for the Nevada Help Desk Team. 

What differentiates Nevada Help Desk from alternative companies?  I don’t mean to brag but not only are we Nevada’s only statewide technology help desk, we are powered by students! While holding a certification to serve you with remarkable expertise in a handful of the most in-demand technology services. As you can tell, determining a company’s distinctives, maintains a clear vision of how our company hires individuals while letting our employees help you reap the benefits of digital technology. 

So tell me, which core values do you carry in your pockets? Don’t be shy, there is no right answer.

Aside from keeping up with our content, you are warmly welcomed to view our detailed list of core values on our Nevada Help Desk dotcom website! Our Nevada Help Desk student agents continuously serve our community of businesses no matter how BIG or small they may be. All businesses are welcome, please be our royal guest!

Happy Scrolling!

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce