Student Agent Weekly Newsletter

“Certifications or Shall I Say Collectables?"

Week 10

We meet yet again!

So tell me, what is your most prized possession? Could it be something you can physically touch, smell or see? On second thought could it be something that you cannot see, smell or touch at all perhaps? There are no right or wrong answers here, so feel free to say it out loud.

I mean it, go right ahead!

Now remember, as important as materialistic things are in our life, so are the things we cannot touch. What one may consider useless or unnecessary is a complete necessity for others. This can be even considered a treasure. Yes, just like what can be found in the depths of a woody treasure chest. 

Now let’s take a second to talk about certifications and what impact they can have in YOUR LIFE

Firstly, when offering a student the right balance of academic excellence and real-world skills, students’ confidence skyrockets past the moon! This holds the motivation one needs for a profitable career. As students undergo building their skills, their academic performance improves along with their new skill sets.   

Not to mention certifications look phenomenal on resumes! 

Competition between individuals has significantly increased as technology is incorporated with almost any job position one way or another. Therefore holding a certification truly proves one’s skills. What better way than proudly providing your future employers with your skillfully filled resume!

For an extended description please view our Training Page at our Nevada Help Desk dot org webpage! 


Leticia Gonzalez Ponce

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce