Student Agent Weekly Newsletter

“A Special Thank You to Our Consortium Partners!”

Week 7

Stay tuned for so much more!

Oi! Amigas/Amigos, 

Lose CTRL and ESC with me to meet our ARMY of consortium partners! 

Nevertheless, below I will describe to you how Nevada Help Desk created a network of like-minded and passionate Nevadans who formed the first-of-its-kind consortium resource partners. This mix consists of secondary, post-secondary and employer partner members!

Why is this such a “gig” deal? I’m elated that you have asked. 

The Nevadan Help Desk Consortium recruits, trains, certifies and employs diverse high school and college students. Our consortium partners are committed to keep jobs in Nevada and strengthen their skills in the technology workforce. 

For those who wish to visually view the list can visit our Nevada Help Desk dotcom website. Visit the Home Page and scroll towards the bottom to view our consortium and resource partner logos! 

Here you can also find a list of our affiliates, partnerships and our Nevada Help Desk Teen Academy partners!

If you wish to know more about our ARMY in a more detailed form, feel free to click on their logos as displayed on the bottom of the Home Page

Not a part of our list but would like to join our ARMY? Give our Nevada Help Desk a call! Contact information can be found on both our dotcom and dotorg websites. 

Syncing together t0 thank each and every one of our consortium partners! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Ciao, until next time!

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce