Student Agent Weekly Newsletter

“A La Carte Menu for Digital Services are Now Available!”

Week 4

Howdy-do pal!

Ready to request our services? If so, have you been keeping up with our A La Carte menu for digital services? 

Yes, you read that correctly. Digital services on our dotcom website are available just for you! From special packages to custom requests, prices for all of your digital needs are conveniently placed at your disposal on the Pricing page. 

For accessibility of our core services, view the very top right corner of our Nevada Help Desk dotcom website. Go right ahead and right click the Pricing icon whenever you’re ready. As you visit Pricing page, you will encounter some of the more basic packages based on availability. 

To get started, here is a list of services our students can provide: 

In-Demand technology services our students are trained in…

Nevada Help Desk students are trained to customize professional design templates to customer’s preference.

Nevada Help Desk student agents are trained to develop websites from scratch.

Nevada Help Desk students are trained in responding to customer requests expeditiously.

Nevada Help Desk students are trained in SEO to ensure top placement.

Nevada Help Desk students are trained in managing social media accounts.

Nevada Help Desk student agents are trained in creating beautiful one page landing pages.

Our packages have been discounted at great prices. From Landing Page Form to Text Message Blast Systems, we are more than sure we can help you to the best of our ability! Take the time to read through our prices for future reference if you don’t plan on purchasing a service just yet. 

Looking for a single service instead of a package? Don’t worry, I’ve definitely got you covered! If you scroll past the Special Packing section you will unearth a list with other services available for you and your business. Here you have an assortment of supplies to best aid your company!

Remember if you hire us, your business will receive quality digital marketing services for a fraction of industry rates while students continue to build their portfolio. As previously mentioned, this innovative gig economy project with Nevada Help Desk student agents is a win/win as the proceeds from all purchases benefit the Nevada Help Desk project!

Bear in mind that if you do not see a service you need, customized administrative and technological support services are available upon request. 

If you aren’t currently needing our services but know someone who does, we’d greatly appreciate you recommending us to your business partners, friends and family! 

Peace out techies!

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce

Leticia Gonzalez Ponce