Our Student Agents

Here are the student agents that make Nevada Help Desk possible. Get to know them below by reading their interests and the reasons why they became a part of NVHD!

Our Student Agents

Here are the student agents that make Nevada Help Desk possible. Get to know them below by reading their interests and the reasons why they became a part of NVHD!


"I am a high school student who has an interest in art and technology. I am HTML5 certified and am getting my CSS certification soon. Through the after-school technology club, I was able to improve my skills in web development and design."


“I am a student studying computer science. At the same time, I am interested in other fields of related technology such as cybersecurity, and I'm currently working on furthering my skill-set. I love learning new things and taking on new challenges. I plan on using these related fields to support my efforts in my future computer science endeavors.”


"Hi I'm Thucnhu, also known as Gabi. I like to read, listen to music, and hanging out with friends. I am currently on the web design and media editing team. I hope to work with you soon!"


"My name is Ahmet and I want to major in marketing. I’m learning google analytics, SEO, and social media advertising/managing with Nevada Help Desk."


"Oh hey, my name is Archer Cortés, I am currently a student at Advanced Technologies Academy in the IT networking course. I am also in the graphic design program at Advanced Technologies Academy. I have a passion for technology and art. Some of my hobbies include making electronic music, playing video games/ card games, and working on computers."


"Hi, I'm Cameron, a high school senior at A-Tech HS. I major in the I.T. field, and plan to follow it through college and on to an occupation. In my free time I love to do photography, with cars being my favorite subjects to shoot. I have learned a lot from the Nevada Help Desk after school tech club and work with web design, as well as social media. I'm looking forward to all of the tickets that I get to do!"


"Hello there! What’s clicking? I am Leticia Gonzalez Ponce, a high school graduate who is reaching out to you with more news, more often. Providing you with information beyond the headlines. Currently working on my certification in Digital Marketing for Google in hopes of accommodating you with comprehensive and extensive technological assistance. With an end goal of exceeding all of your digital necessities for your business. Furthermore, I am devoted in resect to gardening, photography and freelance writing during my spare time. I am placed here to best serve you, our beloved customer."


"Hi! My name is Dylan. I’m a senior in high school that aspires to have a career related to computers or digital arts. I will be working on adobe photoshop related jobs at Nevada Help Desk. I also love sports, music, and photography."


"I am learning how to use Google Analytics in order to improve the marketing of a website. Outside of Nevada Help Desk, I enjoy participating in cybersecurity CTF that let me use what I have learned in my high school, ATECH."


"Unity, 3D design, and website development is my passion!"


“Hi I am Luca. I am a CompTia Certified Secure Infrastructure Specialist I have big dreams in IT & have had an interest in computers since childhood. I am excited to start my IT journey at Nevada Help Desk."


"Meahel is over YouTube, aswell as the Social Media Supervisor. He has been a member of NHD since it began, and looks forward to participating long in the future. As a highschool senior at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, his hobbies include gaming and music. He loves technology and can’t wait to see where it goes in the future."


"Hi! I am Hasan Serdar Arikan. I am a high school student who is pursuing a programming career. While I am developing my coding and website editings skills further, I want to help businesses and people through nevadahelpdesk. On this pathway, I want to enrich my knowledge to be professional at my job."


"My name is Kenya and I am hoping to create a successful website that will help not only myself but others with needs or a website to help advertise a future project I’m currently working on. I’m interested in film studies and video production."


“Hi, my name is Bryce and I have a passion for cyber security and all things IT. I attended Advanced Technologies Academy’s four year IT program and am now getting Cyber Certified. When I’m not learning, I love to spend time in the great outdoors.”


"I am currently a junior going to UNLV honors college studying marketing with a minor in global entrepreneurship. I am striving to become a promotion specialist and although I’m studying marketing there are other skills that will help equip me for my future career. Nevada helpdesk not only allows me to learn at my own speed but also offers a Variety of buildable certifications and amazing support. I am so grateful to have been accepted in the program."


"University student looking to expand my skillset, interests include computer gaming and Muay Thai"


" I have already gotten my skills for communication for business. I am getting certified in Apple Swift. I am also helping teach kids k-6 on learning how to code and help them get into tech. I hope to one day to be a Software Engineer and make programs that have a meaningful impact on peoples everyday lives."


"I am a sophomore in high school with aspirations of working in the cyber-security field. I am also interested in computer science, and computer programming. I love to take on projects with my peers to create and develop new ideas, programs, and solutions to problems. When I am not working on school or cyber-security I enjoy exercising and weight training."


"I am a cybersecurity student who has studied computers since Middle School. I am currently studying to get a cybersecurity certificate. Thanks to NevadaHelp, I was able to take my networking skills to the next level. Without this wonderful organization, I would never have had the opportunity to experience what I love. I am so proud to be part of Nevada Help Desk."