“Search Engine Optimization Traffic Endeavors”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “Search Engine Optimization Traffic Endeavors” Week 12 Beep! Beep! Today let’s chat about traffic… no, I do mean the road but SEO or in other words Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is defined as the art and science of getting website pages to rank higher in your search engines. These pages include […]

“Web Design versus Web Development”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “Web Design versus Web Development” Week 11 Ta-ro!  On the topic of “web design” and “web development,” are you aware of the key differences between the two careers? Many might believe the two are the same when in fact the two carry their own perks in the technology field. Both come […]

“Certifications or Shall I Say Collectables?”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “Certifications or Shall I Say Collectables?” Week 10 We meet yet again! So tell me, what is your most prized possession? Could it be something you can physically touch, smell or see? On second thought could it be something that you cannot see, smell or touch at all perhaps? There are […]

“We’re An Authorized Testing Center!”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “We’re An Authorized Testing Center!” Week 9 Warm welcoming for you, my better half! With a raise of hands, how many of you knew Nevada Help Desk is an ATC? What does this all mean you may wonder? I’m certainly glad you asked! Nevada Help Desk is Certiport Authorized Testing Center!  […]

“How Can Our Certifications/Programs Impact Your Student Life or Business?”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “How Can Our Certifications/Programs Impact Your Student Life or Business?” Week 8 Ello’ there! Let’s kick start off with a little humor here won’t we? Knock, knock. Who’s there?  Very long pause… Java. My humor is on (power)point today isn’t it? If you didn’t get it, you might want to do […]

“A Special Thank You to Our Consortium Partners!”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “A Special Thank You to Our Consortium Partners!” Week 7 Stay tuned for so much more! Oi! Amigas/Amigos,  Lose CTRL and ESC with me to meet our ARMY of consortium partners!  Nevertheless, below I will describe to you how Nevada Help Desk created a network of like-minded and passionate Nevadans who […]

“Dotcom versus Dotorg”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “Dotcom versus Dotorg” Week 6 Hello there buddy! Have you visited any of our dotcom and dotorg websites yet? Was that a yes or a no? If you haven’t don’t worry, you’ve only been missing 0ut on our work for satisfied customers! Below, I will compile a few phrases of what […]

“Need Tech Knuckle Support?”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “Need Tech Knuckle Support?” Week 5 Ahoy mate! You’ve seen our quality work on both our dotorg and dotcom websites. What are you waiting for to hire us? Not sure how to complete a support ticket? Ah, you should have told me sooner!  Start off by visiting our Nevada Help Desk […]

“A La Carte Menu for Digital Services are Now Available!”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “A La Carte Menu for Digital Services are Now Available!” Week 4 Howdy-do pal! Ready to request our services? If so, have you been keeping up with our A La Carte menu for digital services?  Yes, you read that correctly. Digital services on our dotcom website are available just for you! […]