TechTeen Feature: MIRIAM

TechTeen Minute Feature: Miriam Regardless of which particular juncture or phase of livelihood you may currently find yourself in, recognizing and celebrating success significantly gives you a boost of positive enthusiasm. A single accomplishment can certainly lead you down a road of innumerable amounts of even larger accomplishments and opportunities. As a result of such […]

“Meet our Student Agents!”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “Meet our Student Agents!” Week 3 Salutations great one! We meet again. Now, let me ask you this.  Have you ever wondered who the student agents behind Nevada Help Desk are? I have great news for you as profiles for our students are available on our dotorg website! When visiting our […]

“Cue the Core Values!”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “Cue the Core Values!” Week 2 Greetings my friend!  Quintessentially, developing a healthy hearty environment in your workspace requires a solid foundation which includes shaping the organizational culture, inspiring people to take action, personal involvement, communication, contribution to overall success of the company and last but not least, core values. What […]

“Welcome to Nevada Help Desk’s First Behind the Screens E-Newsletter!”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “Welcome to Nevada Help Desk’s First Behind the Screens E-Newsletter!” Week 1 – Part 2 Our Nevada Help Desk Team is delighted to announce our first weekly e-newsletter! You are receiving this newsletter because you have been active on one or more of our social media accounts or have expressed interest […]

“Want a BYTE Of Nevada Help Desk?”

Student Agent Weekly Newsletter “Want a Byte Of Nevada Help Desk?” Week 1 B        it by bit, we are giving people and businesses resources they never knew existed, in order to reach boundaries they never considered! We are supported by Governor Steve Sisolak’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT). We train, […]