An after school tech program where the pre-vocational training and work-based learning converts to certifications, jobs and freelance opportunities for High School and College students supporting businesses of all sizes



In-Demand technology services our students are trained in…

Nevada Help Desk students are trained to customize professional design templates to customer’s preference.

Nevada Help Desk student agents are trained to develop websites from scratch.

Nevada Help Desk students are trained in responding to customer requests expeditiously.

Nevada Help Desk students are trained in SEO to ensure top placement.

Nevada Help Desk students are trained in managing social media accounts.

Nevada Help Desk student agents are trained in creating beautiful one page landing pages.

Our student agents are now FBI certified!


We believe in social justice through economic empowerment, and in the opportunity for meritocracy in tech. This isn’t about one-off camps or hackathons. This is about meaningful change.

In addition to technology, student agents are also trained in soft skills to prepare for a competitive workforce (Administration, Business Communication, Typing, Organizational Skills, Resume & Portfolio creation, plus much more!)

Media Stories

Students power Nevada Help Desk to help people and businesses
LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — They're Nevada's only gig-economy business that certifies and employs students. Meahel Heard-Pitra, a student agent with the Nevada Help Desk, joined us to talk about what makes it so unique.
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Four Technology Solutions to Attract New Clientele: from Nevada Help Desk
Nevada Help Desk, the only statewide tech Help Desk is seeing a surge in key services from entrepreneurs who want to reopen their business in a new way.
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"Gamer Changer" in Technology: Nevada Help Desk
Nevada Help Desk is the state's only gig-economy business that recruits, trains, certifies and employs high school and college students who run the company's statewide tech help desk.
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Our students are dedicated, passionate and integral and trained by the BEST!

We train students to respond to technology support requests with EFFICIENCY and within 24-72 hours of submission. Complex technology issues may require a bit longer.

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Meet some of the students who currently work on Nevada Help Desk projects

Microsoft Innovative Educators

The Tech Queen & "TUG"